Need marketing help, but can’t afford a retainer?

The Modern Muse Company - Modern Muselings

Are you a solo entrepreneur with a startup or small business? Is your team tiny, mighty, but a bit overwhelmed by day-to-day operations? Is selling your product or service a side hustle that you’d love to grow into something larger, but you’re not sure how?

You know you need marketing, but it’s just not in the budget.

Enter Modern Muselings, The Modern Muse Co.’s private Facebook group offering tips, tools, examples and opportunities for small businesses that are ready to see growth but aren’t quite ready to hire an agency.

Check in and learn on your own schedule – without clogging up your email inbox. Meet other business owners, who can become potential allies and partners. Stop spending your precious free time searching for tips, solutions and tools to market your brand, and let us help you!

Modern Muselings Includes

  • 5x posts per week with marketing tips, tools, examples and opportunities
  • A forum in which to ask questions, and learn from the questions of others
  • Connections to other members of the community (for potential partnerships!)
  • Opportunity to pick our brains on top-level* ideas and opportunities
  • Peace of mind
  • $250/month per member
  • A positive, open-minded attitude

*We define top level as basic questions which require a straightforward answer. For any in-depth questions, small but intensive projects or other needs, we are happily available to our clients at our standard hourly rate of $150 per hour.


We officially launch on 5/1!
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